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Amy Rose Treatment Rant Revised

Amy Rose is one of those characters you would either love from the start, learn to love when you start learning about the character in full, or just out-right hate on just because it gets in the way of your OTP (One True Pairing, for those who do not wish to make couples of imaginary characters or do not know the process of what’s called ‘fandom shipping’), or maybe your just not interested in the character for a legitimate reason. Either way, Amy Rose is one of the MANY controversial characters that exist within the Sonic Franchise and out of it. As many may recall, I had once done a version of this rant a long time ago, when I had a bit less experience in the ways of proper writing then I do now. Most of the previous rant was about how the so-called “Sally Fans” (When they were just fanbrats and really, really loud) had used Amy as a scapegoat for their bashing when really, she gets just as much crap from the rest of the Sonic Fandom due to inconsistent writing and poor editing skills from Sonic Team themselves on the script.

I do not wish to upset and enrage the people who don’t hate Amy but prefer other parings with Sonic such as the sadly hated on Sonally (which, by the way, is also marred with inconsistent writing) and Sonaze, but I’m not here to talk about those parings or the characters that are within. I’m here to talk about the main Canon Character that a lot of people don’t seem to like: Miss Amy Rose.

To be honest with you guys, I used to hate Amy with a passion. I hated how she clung onto Sonic at almost every opportunity, hated how she seemed to be blind to Sonic’s ‘Misery’ about the situation, and I also hated how when she brings her two friends together (Big and Cream), she would have used the opportunity to find her ‘one true love’.

The keyword here is ‘used to’.

It wasn’t until growing up and finding out what was truly ‘wrong’ with the character that I realized how misguided I was. Wanting to learn on how to make great characters, I started learning on how to create characters of my own, using the Sonic Series as a guide to figuring out how to make characters subtle with certain traits. That’s when I started taking a real look at Amy Rose as a character, not a stereotype. She’s actually one of the sweetest characters right next to Cream when you stop to look at what she does: She protects a bird while helping it find its parents/friends, she helps Shadow fix his memory of Maria when he was needed, she helped her friends when they were missing their own buddies (Froggy for Big, Chocola for Cream), she even stops Sonic from destroying Gamma all because she saw some sapience in the robot that helped released her from her prison! This whole entire aspect of her was accidentally missing from my former opinions of her that it made me ask; “How the heck did I not notice this before?”
It was simple, really: inconsistent and bad writing is what caused me to miss the important aspects of her character.

Now, before you may blame me that bad writing is the cause of everything within the Sonic franchise, let me say this: most of the things that you may find awful in the franchise may make another person happy. It’s a general rule of thumb about the world as a whole: not everyone is going to like certain aspects of a franchise as much as the person next to them would, and with a fanbase as large and as loud as Sonic’s, it’s tough to find some coherence with the many character-Nazi’s and trolls just being general assholes about everything. As such, I cannot really blame you if this doesn’t really clear your head of Amy not truly being a “bad” character.

Dub changes, inconsistent translations due to translators changing jobs and times being different, among rush jobs and SEGA not knowing that when two companies have the exact same logo but are in different countries, it usually means that you are in the same company are all key factors as to why many of the Sonic Girls—particularly Amy Rose—get so much hate. These factors help in irking people with certain characters, like Amy irks so many people. Sonic’s uneasiness with Amy affections was turned into disgust for it, if only because the West sees actions like what Amy does as too clingy and fast-paced for us to actually have. Bad writing that makes characters act like idiots are constantly ignored by everyone, despite how well some characters are written—because we want the main character to act like they should, not all of them ‘side’ characters that don’t mean much in the long run. Many people act like consistency is a good thing, but how many of us actually practice our beliefs are far fewer than we actually think.

To say Amy is a ‘bad’ character and she ‘should’ be hated is undermining the more beautiful aspects of her character as a whole.


Do you really want to know?
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T'was about time I did this.

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